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Owned by the Barons de Rothschild Ch√Ęteau Lafite group, Long Dai is a wine estate located in the Shandong province of China, combining Bordeaux techniques and the optimal climate of the region to produce exceptional wines. With a view to opening the estate to the general public to offer personalized tours and wine tastings of Barons de Rothschild wines, the group has partnered with Creative Union to design and develop a mini WeChat reservation system program.

Booking system

The booking system allows users to book the available time slot that suits them for a tour of the estate followed by a wine tasting of the group's wines.

WeChat Pay Integration

We have integrated the WeChat Pay payment system, allowing users to make their reservation easily via their mobile phone.

Multilingual system and automatic language detection

This system offers users an optimal experience by allowing them to open the application in their own language.

Customized back-office

A personalized back-office developed from our Hubeo by Creative Union solution allows the brand to easily manage all its bookings.

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