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Campus France is a public organisation that aims to promote the French higher education and vocational training system abroad. On the occasion of the organization of an employment forum in 6 cities in China, Creative Union supported Campus France in the development of a platform to put candidates and companies in touch with each other.

UX & UI Design

From the creation of the sitemap to the presentation of an interactive mock-up, we designed the Campus France platform with the priority of offering an optimal browsing experience for candidates.

Customized back-office for companies

Companies have the possibility to create their profile, publish their job offers and make an appointment with a candidate.

Customized back-office for candidates

Candidates can create their own profile with the possibility of uploading their CV, responding to job offers and contacting companies directly via the platform to make an appointment.

WeChat login system

This system allows candidates and companies to register and log in to their personal area with their WeChat profile.

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