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Created in 1899, BSB (Burgundy School of Business) is a French business school. The school based in Dijon, Paris and Lyon offers courses ranging from Bachelor to MBA. BSB counts more than 2800 students, many of them coming from abroad, especially from China. It is in this context that we are working with BSB to develop its brand image and notoriety in China, with the main objective of increasing the recruitment of Chinese students.

Social Media Activation: WeChat & Weibo

Strategy and content creation, graphic design, community animation... we develop the presence and the notoriety of BSB on WeChat and Weibo, the social networks that are essential to develop its brand and its community in China.

Amplification strategy

We have set up different actions to increase the visibility and develop the BSB community in China, among which targeted publications on social networks, search engine optimization on WeChat and Community Management on Zhihu (the Chinese Quora).

Live-streaming actions

In the context of COVID 19 which has accelerated the development of live-streaming in China and in the world, we have developed for BSB a multi-channel live-streaming strategy (Douyin, Yizhibo and WeChat Work) allowing the school to interact with potential candidates and to answer their questions.

Performance reports

We continuously measure and analyze the data of the social networks and the communication actions of BSB in order to understand the evolutions of the candidates, to orientate our action plan and to further increase the return on investment.

Video localization



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