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Created in 1899, BSB (Burgundy School of Business) is a Grande École of Business. The school based in Dijon, Paris and Lyon offers courses ranging from Bachelor to MBA. BSB counts more than 2800 students, many of them coming from abroad, especially from China. It is in this context that we are working with BSB to develop its brand image and notoriety in China, with the main objective of increasing the recruitment of Chinese students.

Programs presentation

Duration of the program, required level of study, tuition fees... we have created the showcase of BSB in China by presenting the different programs offered by the school, with the possibility for the candidate to download the brochure of his program and to apply online.

Content creation

We assisted BSB in the creation and adaptation of its Chinese content.

Brochure downloads & Chabot

This Chatbot system allows BSB to increase its community on WeChat and to qualify its followers according to their needs.

UX & UI Design: Candidate First

From the creation of the sitemap to the presentation of an interactive mock-up, we designed the BSB site with the priority of offering an optimal navigation experience for the candidates.