Madame Brigitte.

Madame Brigitte

Madame Brigitte is a sino-French travel agency offering a wide range of tours for Chinese travelers. Offer the best of France for Chinese travelers: that’s the mission of Madame Brigitte who partnered with Creative Union for their digital activation in China.

The Challenge

Develop Madame Brigitte digital presence in China

What we did

▪ WeChat activation 

▪ Custom design and development of a responsive website with a wishlist system

▪ ICP license application 

▪ Hosting in mainland China

Wishlist system

We developed a Wishlist system which allows Madame Brigitte's users to design their own travel. Users can choose their wanted destinations, select a variety of options (such as with or without guides, type of accommodations or specific activities) and receive a tailor-made proposition according to their needs.

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