Inter Rhône

Inter Rhône regroups Rhône Valley and Cote du Rhone which is the second largest wine producers association in the world. It gathers many thousands of French wine producers from Rhone Valley. Creative Union help Inter Rhône to be recognised by a qualified Chinese audience through digital channels.

The Challenge

Developing Rhône Valley's brand awareness and promoting its AOC's wine to increase its market share in China.

What we do

Social Media Management

▪ Content creation on WeChat & Weibo

▪ Platform management 

▪ Performance analysis

Online campaign

▪ Creation of mini-game on Weibo to generate engagement

▪ H5 WeChat campaign to promote wine tourism

▪ H5 Weibo campaign

Media planning and buying on Weibo

Influencers campaign on WeChat & Weibo

WeChat content creation
Weibo content creation
Custom WeChat H5
Social report
Live photo mini-program