Tech & Data


In this complex online environment governed by draconian regulations, Creative Union helps you conceive, develop and maintain your digital tools fully optimized for China and its mobile users. Whether it is a website, a mini-program or a H5 mini-site, we assist you in all steps of building the digital tools that answer your particular needs ; from wireframing, engineering to hosting and maintenance on our cloud servers.

Our services.


UX/UI design

Front-end / Back-end

Custom integration

Mini Program

WeChat development

ICP Licence

Hosting & Maintenance

Testing & launching

Hubeo CMS

Hubeo CMS is our in-house China friendly content management system that allows you to manage your content without any technical knowledge in China. It encompasses management of all your digital assets, whether it is a website, a mini-program or a H5 mini-site. Designed with a strong focus on user experience, Hubeo CMS has an easy to use interface that can be navigated by users without skills in IT development. Safety is at the core of Hubeo CMS and we guarantee the protection of your data.

Our process.


We can help you provide your clients with a unique, tailored user experience that showcases everything your brand has to offer.

Project Management

Our flexible approach to project management ensures the whole process evolves fluently, from the conception of an idea to its final delivery.


Our technical expertise enables us to develop a customized program for your brand, with a focus on user-friendly platforms and interfaces.

Data Analysis

We collect and analyze relevant figures for tracking and optimizing your digital tools in a timely manner.