Strategy & Planning


We believe an integrated digital strategy is essential to best reach your audience, encourage your brand interactions and increase your conversions from lead to sales.

Setting up your objectives, defining your customer’s personas and journey map, benchmarking your competition… there are numerous steps to follow before going into actions. With a clear digital strategy, we will have all the tools to start reaching your audience, convert sales and develop your customer’s loyalty.

Our services.

Customer journey research

UX/UI audit

Social media audit

Competitor audit

Benchmark & best practices

Digital roadmap

Review of digital landscape

SEO strategy

Market analysis

Our process.


The audit is a fundamental step that allows us to understand who you are, how you are perceived in China and the level of the capacity of your digital tools.


In order to implement an efficient strategy, it is essential for you to first understand all of the challenges your brand may face in the Chinese market.

Digital Strategy

Identifying the best means of communication, formulating corresponding strategies and defining a detailed plan of action are the prerequisites of an effective communication strategy.