Social Media


Arousing emotion, creating engagement, and generating conversations are all ingredients necessary to help build and retain your community.

We help you plan your communication strategy, build content and create campaigns that reach the best ROI and increase your notoriety in China .

Our services.

Social media activation

Content strategy

Editorial calendar

Content creation

Campaign creation

Graphic design

Community management

Social report

Media buying & influencers

Hubeo Social

We developed Hubeo Social, our in-house SCRM that helps you reach and manage your audience in China. Among the core features, Hubeo Social allows you to generate unique WeChat QR codes, segment your followers for specific targeting and track your performance, anytime. Hubeo Social helps you to be more organized by planning your content on an editorial calendar and to save time by collaborating with all the people involved in your communication management.

Our process.


We define objectives and tailor a unique communication strategy that will target your audience in China.


We create your content and campaigns that will drive traffics and increase your notoriety.


We use a flexible approach to project management that ensures the whole process evolves fluently, from the conception of an idea to its final delivery.


We promote your content with media buying and by partnering with influencers of your industry.


We monitor your performance for tracking and optimizing your communication in a timely manner.