Wechat work – How Tencent redefines corporate communication

01 July 2018

In today’s mobile-first world, corporate communication and mobile applications are inseparable. WeChat Work, one of the main digital corporate communication solutions in China, has gradually evolved into another multifunctional application running parallel to WeChat.

According to Tencent’s official numbers, released in May 2018, 80% of China’s top 500 companies have joined WeChat Work.

The total number of registered companies has reached 1.5 million, which translates to over 30 million active users.

What is Wechat work?

Launched in April 2016, WeChat Work used to be a simple instant messaging app exclusively for internal communication and management, with almost the same user interface as WeChat itself.

Today’s WeChat Work has evolved into a multifunctional and efficient tool not only for corporate coordination but for a company’s wider daily administration.

Once you create an account by entering the basic information of your company and the administrative user, you can invite your colleagues by email or SMS with a link to download the app. Non-certified accounts can invite a maximum of 200 people.

An all-in-one App

A registered company’s employees can access a variety of functions, some of which have been developed by Tencent, others by third-party developers. Here are some of the main default features:

Company-paid call

This function allows users to make phone calls through the app, while all expenses would be charged to the company. Upon creation of a company account, 1,000 minutes of call time are credited.

Enterprise mail

You don’t have to install Outlook to manage your professional emails. WeChat Work enables you to receive and send emails just as you send WeChat messages.

Punch in/out

If this function is activated, employees can signal their arrival in the office via a designated Wifi connection, and similarly signal their departure at the end of the work day or if they leave for professional visits. A detailed monthly reporting is available on the backend of WeChat Work for easier HR management.

Enterprise mail

You don’t have to install Outlook to manage your professional emails. WeChat Work enables you to receive and send emails just as you send WeChat messages.


This option makes it easier for project managers to centralize the working performance of their subordinates and the progress of certain projects via different kinds of information sheets. Templates of these sheets are customizable to suit all kinds of needs.


Important messages can be addressed to selected employees.

File disk

100G of free stockage space is offered upon the creation of accounts. For additional space, the annual price is 800 RMB for 100G, 2,400 RMB for 300G and 4,000 RMB for 500G.


This is an internal forum for company’s employees only, with the possibility to share posts to personal WeChat contacts or Moments.

Third-party App

In addition to the default features, WeChat Work offers the possibility to integrate third-party apps. Here are the main categories:

Compatibility with Wechat

The latest version of WeChat Work allows users to add other WeChat users outside the company, creating an easier way of communicating with customers or external work partners.

When an employee leaves the company, all conversation records with the clients can be transferred to their successor.

Currently, the interaction between WeChat Work and WeChat is still in the internal test phrase, but improved compatibility will soon be rolled out.