The right solutions to succeed in China

Strategy x Tech x Communication

Creative Union helps you navigate
the unique Chinese digital landscape.

We believe an integrated digital strategy is essential to reach your audience, encourage your brand interactions and increase your conversion from lead to sales.

Creative Union helps you conceive, develop, and maintain your digital tools; fully optimized for China and its mobile users.

Arousing emotion, creating engagement, and generating conversations are all ingredients necessary to help build and retain your community.

Campus France.
To succeed its yearly job fair, the French institution Campus France partnered with Creative Union to develop its custom web platform.
Inter Rhone partner with Creative union to increase its awareness in China through social media.
People & Kids.
We developed the digital presence in China of the French leader of nurseries.

Discover Hubeo, our in-house solution to manage & monitor your communication in China.

Learn more about digital landscape through the digital communication guide we wrote with Business France.

Some companies we partner with.