Creative Union opens its doors in 2017 in Beijing with a clear mission: assist brands in the development of their digital communication in China.

Creative Union is above all a dedicated team of passionate people. A shared passion daily moved by the feeling of living in China the beginnings of tomorrow’s world. In recent years, China has experienced an unprecedented revolution. Complete adoption of mobile payment and m-commerce, WeChat generation, reinvention of the bike sharing industry… this revolution is digital.

This unique ecosystem is also one of the most complex to reach. Communication platforms, due to the “Great Firewall”, which prohibits access to Facebook, Google and Youtube, are different. The language barrier is an obstacle. Purchasing behaviours and conversations on social medias are unique.

In this context, Creative Union aims to be the partner for companies wishing to successfully establish themselves in China. Digital strategy, web solutions, communication on social networks… we assist you throughout your digital development in China.

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